5 Elements of Email and Their Importance

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Table of Contents

Each of us receives an average of 121 business-related messages each day, which is why our inboxes are often crowded. To avoid missing important information and make a good impression, you should pay close attention to your email marketing approach.

Email Marketing has been so successful since it launched, but still, 90% of people who try email marketing fail most of the time. Do you know WHY?

Communication is the answer. The way you communicate with your email list can affect your marketing strategy. The copy you use in your emails can make or break your email marketing campaign.

In the world of Email Marketing, there are many things to do—keep your leads organized, segment prospects, make your first interaction with them memorable, and many other things.

However, the only thing that can make or break your entire email marketing approach is how you communicate with your customer. In simple terms, the type of email you send to your email list determines whether or not you will succeed.

In this article, We’ll look at different email elements and see how to use them effectively.

Before we begin, let’s take care of something else first. Before you send an email, be sure to check these two things:

  1. What value or benefit will my reader get from this email?
  2. Why the hell are you sending this email? What exactly are you trying to accomplish by sending this email?

What Value or Benefit Will My Reader Get From This Email?

You should first determine what you are going to deliver to a prospect. You can do this by pinpointing the benefit that your email will give to the end-user. You could give the user an eBook, Coupon code, or something else that your customer values.

This is how you take good care of your email list: it’s essential because any relationship depends upon mutual sharing. You should figure this out before writing the email.

Why The Hell Are You Sending This Email?

Let’s say you offered a free e-book to all visitors. You give away something, but you want something in return. Maybe you would like your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, or perhaps you want them to buy a different product.

So, clearly state your goal because, as we already said, relationships depend on common interests.

Now that you know the 2 things you need to determine before writing any email, it’s time to understand the different email elements.

The Basic Structure Of Email

In any email, there are 5 components –

  • Profile Image & Name
  • Subject Line
  • Sender Address
  • Pre-header text
  • Actual Email Copy
  • Sender Signature

Profile Image & Name

Your profile picture is the first thing people see when they get your email. You can choose what kind of picture you want to project.

  • You can add up your profile picture.
  • Or you can put your company logo.

If you are creating your personal brand, you can use your profile picture. If you have a company and you branded it from the start, you can use your company logo. But here is my preference.

When you reach out to people on your subscriber list, they’re already getting a lot of company-based emails and are less likely to open an email from your company than they are to open one from a personal brand or a person. So, that is the reason why I believe in building a personal brand.

Subject Line

The subject line should be descriptive of the email’s content. If people can’t get the gist of your email from the subject line, chances are they’ll ignore or delete your email.

Here’s the second tip: Keep your subject line short and sweet. But it should be written in a way that compels your subscriber to open your email. The goal of the subject line is not to make you make a sale but to get your email opened. So, just focus on getting your email opened.

Sender Address

In the address field of your email software, there is an email address belonging to the person who sent you this message. Some people put their names upfront, making it easy for their subscribers to recognize their email.

One more thing to remember is not to use phrases like “support” or “no-reply” in your contact information. Doing so will break the trust of customers.

Another point to keep in mind is that whenever your customer replies to your promotional email or any kind of email, they should reach you directly. Also, many marketers have used the tried-and-true strategy of making their customers reply to their emails for years.

So, never ignore it.

Pre-header Text

In mobile, Just below the email’s subject line, you will see text. That text is called “Pre-header Text.” Your pre-header text is the message that immediately precedes your subject line.

You must understand that a great subject line does wonders, but a welcoming pre-header text is just as important. After the subject line, your pre-header text is another crucial thing to focus on.

If you want people to open your email, you should make the first line irresistible. You have to write it in a way it arouses curiosity in the heart of your user. You can use a friendly greeting to encourage your reader to open your email.

Your goal here is to make them the question – What’s inside the email?

Actual Email Copy

Once your email has been opened, the most essential thing after that is your actual copy written inside. The question is, How will you write it?

It depends on your purpose: If you want to send your product details to them to let them buy it, tell them the benefits instead of features. Also, To get their interest, you may need to talk about how your product can be used in the real world.

You need to answer them – What’s In It For Me.

You can also let them know how your product can be a solution to their pain point. After all, every business product helps people solve some pain points, and figuring out what those points are is a big part of writing an email.

Please also make sure you give ample space between the text you write inside your email. You need to write the email in a well-formatted manner. Please attach no more than 3 links inside the email.

Email Signature

At the end of the email, those who receive it see your signature. It can show your name, where you work, what you believe, your position in a company, or many more.

People will remember you if they see your name signed on more than three to four occasions. You can attach many product links below your signature, or you can add a little note telling people to take any specific action on anything.

We’re not asking our readers to purchase anything, but we left our product link there so that people can find them. Additionally, you can attach your social media link, allowing customers to contact you and see your profile on another platform.


I have told you a lot about email marketing, and I’ll keep on telling you in the future, too. The big question is whether you’re following what I’ve told you right now and in the past.

I want your business to succeed. I have seen both good and bad in business, so I can relate to the highs and lows you are experiencing or will experience.

For now, you can go back and reread this article, then plan to implement these five elements in your email marketing so that next time you see results.

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