10 Popular Types of Emails For Email Marketing

In email marketing, people use different types of emails for different purposes. In this article, you will learn all types of emails in depth that are used in email marketing campaigns.

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I believe that email lists are the best way to get your message out without being intrusive. It also gives you a chance to communicate with your audience on a regular basis. There are several types of emails that can be used to promote your business, large or small.

In contrast to online advertising and social media marketing, email marketing allows businesses to “speak” directly to their customers.

Furthermore, targeted email campaigns are much more effective than traditional forms of advertising, such as banner ads and social media posts. Email marketing is cheaper than mass-market advertising because it takes less time and money to create and run an email campaign.

Table of Contents

In this post, we look at 10  primary types of marketing emails, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of each method. This information should help you make an informed decision about which email type is best for your organization and how to go about using it.

Types of Emails In Email Marketing

Incorrectly, many people think that email marketing is all about brand building or keeping in touch with customers, without any business purpose. They should consider the different types of emails they can send.

In the 21st century, there are many types of emails that a business can use for different reasons. One example is survey emailing, which is used to know your audience more and can be used to get feedback from customers.

It all depends upon your thought process of how you’re planning on using your email marketing effort.

Can also watch this video to know all types of emails in email marketing

Welcome Email

When users subscribe to your email newsletter or make a purchase, you can send them an enthusiastic welcome email. Our goal here is to make them feel remarkable and noticeable.

This email is crucial, and as I’ve seen, this is the email people open the most. This email also happens to be your first interaction with your prospect.

Its open rate is about 60%-70%, and the CTR is high since your audience already thinks highly of you!

Here you make an impression on your prospect that will most likely influence their perception of all your future email solicitation efforts. Make sure you leave a good impression on your lead because it can make or break your further relationship with the segment.


Hello, welcome to my email list.

Hey {Name},

I’m delighted you subscribed to our email list.

I think your “10X your sales eCommerce” is on its way. For now, I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m the founder of XYZ company, and I help eCommerce businesses with 15X sales every year.

We, as XYZ company, look forward to helping you grow your business as well.

Again, I’m excited to see you on my email list.

Would you add me to your contact list so that you get my mail directly in your inbox?


{Sign Off}

Newsletter Email

Consider it an “update” email where you send short emails to keep your customers engaged with your business. It’s a simple way to nurture a relationship with your subscribers.

You can also call it a “Relationship Email.” Newsletters are another popular choice of your subscriber that make it the second most-opened type of email after “Welcome email.”


5 Pieces of Future eCommerce Trends

Hey {Name},

We recently wrote an article that uncovered future eCommerce trends.

If you’re new to dropshipping or thinking about starting a dropshipping business, this is an excellent time to read this article.

For instance, if you run an online store, you should keep track of future trends either way.

Here over to this link to check that article.

{Sign Off}

Lead Nurturing Email

Whenever you bring leads to the table, you need to nurture them to create a bond and create trust between you and the user. After all, you can’t send them an email like “Hey Buy from us”—this way, you will never be able to make a single sale in your entire journey.

Here, once you have nurtured your audience, you can accomplish your actual email — the one that brings in the sales. To nurture potential customers, you can send a series of emails to your list over seven days.

When people sign up for your email list, send them a lead magnet right away. Then, follow up with an engagement email for a few days and then send a promotional email seven days later.

This is how you treat your fresh lead. Below you can see the process in a formatted way.

  1. Lead magnet email.
  2. Educate them about your brand.
  3. Keep on doing the same thing.
  4. Then show them your product.
  5. Show benefits
  6. Show in-depth benefits
  7. Promotional email
  8. An aggressive promotional email with direct CTA.
  9. Urgency email (FOMO mail)
  10. Last urgency email


Great Move – You just joined (STORE NAME)’s newsletter

We are excited to have you on our newsletter list.

We are going to make your stay on the list worthwhile by making sure you’re the first to know about:

New product arrivals

Special offers for special people like you

Limited time discounts and coupon codes

Latest trends in the [YOUR INDUSTRY]

And much more.

To show you how glad we are to have you on our list…

…and to give you an idea of what you’d be getting for being here, here’s a unique coupon code for you:


It will give you XX% off on your next purchase in our store.

Click here to visit our store right now and use the coupon.

Once again, thank you for joining our list; we look forward to having a good time with you here.



Have you exploited the coupon code we gave you?

Yesterday, we gave you a unique coupon code for joining our list.

Have you used it yet?

If not, we advise you do so now, and here’s why:

Our developers configured our system so that our coupon codes expire every XX hours if unused.

We’ve asked them to work on it so that it can last more, and they promised to fix that in our next software update, coming up next month.

This means that your code will probably have expired by the time the update is made.

Twenty-four hours is already gone, remaining just XX hours before your coupon code expires.

So we advise you hurry to our store now and use it up before you lose it.

Remember, the code gives you an XX% discount on any purchase you make in our store.

Here it is once again, in case you can’t remember it: [COUPON CODE]

Then head over to our store now to use it right away.

Once again, thank you for opting into our list; we will make it worth the while for you.



Why do many people love to shop at (STORE NAME)

We have been in business for a little over [XX] years.

Within this period, we have served over [XXXX] customers.

And guess what?

[XX%] of them usually come back, again and again, to shop with us.

We tried to interact with many of those repeat customers to know why they love coming back to us again and again.

Their responses were very humbling:

  • Our products are of the highest possible quality
  • Our prices are more affordable than our competition
  • Our speed of delivery is amazing
  • Our customer support is excellent
  • We go the extra mile to make our customers happy
  • You may have noticed some of this already if you have tried placing your first order with us.

But if you haven’t, these are some of the many reasons why you should consider placing your first order with us right now.

You can never go wrong shopping with us.

Try purchasing our store now to see things for yourself.

Cheers to happy shopping!



1000+ people can’t be wrong about us – check this

Every day, we get testimonials like this from our customers:


And we have hundreds of testimonials like this in our inbox.

That’s a sure proof that we go over the board to make sure you get the best possible experience when you buy from our store.

If you haven’t purchased anything from our store yet, try it now, and you’ll have no option but to give a great testimonial about us.

Click here to see the significant collections of (PRODUCT TYPE) we stock for special people like you.


Promotional Email

We promote our product and service with this email. Also, many businesses think that email marketing is just a way to spread brand awareness only.

But while it is true that businesses use email marketing for exposure, they do not limit their efforts. They use it primarily for promotion and to keep the audience engaged with the company.

So, Yes, I agree people do send emails for brand awareness but I disagree that they do so just for it.

You should make sure to advertise your product whenever and wherever you get a chance. It’s beneficial to advertise during special events like Black Friday.

You can send your subscriber a series of emails promoting the same offer with a different angle each time. This keeps their interest piqued and forces them to take action on the email.


We bet you will love this new arrival – discount code included

Hey {Name}, In keeping with our promise to you, we want you to be the first to know about the arrival of this great (PRODUCT TYPE).

Go here to get the full details about it.

We’re so sure you will love it and want to get it immediately.

And that’s why we have created this unique discount code for you to use when purchasing it.


This code is exclusive to you for being on our email list.

Please don’t share it with anyone, else you’ll lose it.

WARNING: There are limited quantities of this (PRODUCT TYPE) available.

So hurry now and grab yours before it goes out of stock…it’s going to be a hot sale.



Going out of stock soon – Are you in or out?

Yesterday, we told you about our newest (PRODUCT TYPE) arrival.

That product has so many amazing features that our customers who have seen it, can’t ignore…

Check it out here

And like we told you, there are limited quantities of it available.

As at the time of sending this, there are only [XX] quantities available…and this will quickly exhaust in a few hours with the way customers are rushing it.

So if you want it, now is the best time to get it.

Click here to do so right now.

The exclusive discount code we created for you is still available.

Here it is: [DISCOUNT CODE]

Hurry here now and check the amazing features of this (PRODUCT TYPE).

You will fall in love with it, just like other customers who have seen it.


Milestone Email

Imagine that I give you an email marketing superpower, which will make your subscribers more loyal to your brand. Will you use it?

Hell, Yes… Right. Well, the Milestone email is the power. Now, understand how it is possible?

To make your customers “loyal” toward your brand, you first need to make them feel special. The best way to do so is by sending them a birthday wish each year on their birthdays.

Or you can hold their Anniversary date and use it as an opportunity to grab your customer’s attention toward your brand.

This is a way to strengthen the bond between you and your subscribers. They will feel like you care about them, which means they’re more likely to trust you as well. Also, Here’s another fun fact…

Your Customers Show Their Trust In You Using Their Wallet.”


We wish you a Happy Birthday…

Happy Birthday {name}, it’s been so long since we’ve been together.

I’m happy that you made your life till this point and hope…

You’ll achieve 15X more success in the Dropshipping business before your next birthday.

I’m pleased to offer you a significant discount on our service.

You can use [Coupon Code] during checkout.

If you don’t prefer to take our service, that’s perfectly fine too.

We aren’t forcing you.

We just want you to celebrate what you like.

And that coupon code, take it as a gift from us.

Again, Happy Birthday. See you then.

{Sign Off}

Survey Email

You should send Survey Emails to those people only who have purchased your product or service in the past. You can ask them for a few minutes of their time to fill out our online form and answer a few questions to give you feedback about their experience with your product.

People are often willing to give you feedback and might do so in an aggressive manner. For example, in the same survey, you can ask for suggestions because that will help you improve more quickly and may help you pinpoint ways you can improve your product or service.

The question may ask –

  1. Please rate from 1 to 5 for our product?
  2. Please give your feedback on our writing service?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for us?
  4. What else could we add to this product to make it better?

Feel free to add more questions here; these are just the best ones.

Also, It’s human nature that we like to give suggestions to others, especially when they ask for them. To improve your product, tap into the knowledge and experience of your customers.

As a business owner, you need to listen to your audience; they’re the ones who know what they want from you! As a business owner, you should encourage your audience to offer suggestions for your product.

This will help you make it better. If you have never done it before, you should do it now.


Could you please give us a feedback

Hey {Name}, We believe in you and all our other customers who have purchased products from us in the past.

It feels like you and only you are the ones who have the right to judge my product and my ability.

So, I’d like you to tell us what you think of our Plugin.

We need your suggestion so that we can improve it.

May we have two minutes of your time to fill out this feedback form?

If yes, that would be a great help.

If not, no worries; I appreciate you taking the time to read this email.

Here is the link again.

{Sign Off}

Pre-launch Email

You can send this email whenever you want to launch any product. You can write a series of emails before launching your product. Your goal here should be to create hype within your subscribers.

Also, the email should be sent only to those audiences who already know about you or have purchased any product from you. Never make a mistake by sending it to newcomers.

I send this type of email to those segments of the list who have already purchased my product in the past. You can send around 4 – 8 emails based on your needs.


See what we’re planning to launch.

Hey {Name},

As I told you, We’re planning to launch something massive.

We’re launching a Shopify Plugin that you can use for payment integration.

Most people who do dropship encounter problems taking money from their customers.

After which, you need to seek them out manually, which can be a lengthy process.

This is a tedious process, and it doesn’t give you any results.

Hence, we decided to solve this issue.

Once our plugin is launched, then you can easily accomplish…

…Benefit 1

…Benefit 2

…Benefit 3

…Benefit 4

…Benefit 5

On the day we launch this product, you’ll be able to do all these things.

Until then, reply to this email and tell me what you think about this.

{Sign Off}

Product - Launch Email

After you send your pre-launch sequence, send your product launch email. The pre-launch series aims to create hype, and the product launch email drives sales.

Here you first make your audience aware that your product is launched, and then you start educating them about your service or product. After which, you will let them know you offer, and in the last couple of emails, you’ll motivate them to take the deal.

That’s how it works.


You told us you like (NICHE), so we got you this.

We are excited to tell you about our newest arrival.

This (PRODUCT TYPE) is entirely different from what you are used to.

It boasts of:

[FEATURE 1], which enables you [BENEFIT 1]

[FEATURE 2], which lets you [BENEFIT 2]

[FEATURE 3], which allows you [BENEFIT 3]

[FEATURE 4], which enables you [BENEFIT 4]

Click here to see for yourself

You see, when you subscribed to our newsletter, you made us understand that you love quality (PRODUCT TYPE).

And we promised to let you know whenever a high quality (PRODUCT TYPE) hits our store.

Now that this brand new (PRODUCT TYPE) is here, we want you to be the first to see it.

PLUS we have created a special discount for you if you want to get it now:

Click here to get more details about it.

You’re going to love it!!!


Confirmation Email

You can call it a Trigger Email because you don’t send this email to anyone; it goes to them automatically when they take some action.

(Example semrush)

For example, if one of your leads purchases your product, they automatically get an email with their payment receipt or a login credential. Right. So, here you didn’t do anything.


Is this the correct email address?

Hey {Name},

Could you let us know if this is your correct email address or not?

To prevent us from getting scammed, we need to confirm that you’re a human on the other end of this Internet connection.

Click the link here to verify.

See you soon.

{Sender Signature}

Difference between Welcome Email and Confirmation Email?

I didn’t have an idea to add here, but I figured out that there could be some confusion about the difference between “confirmation” and “welcome” emails, so I thought I would share my knowledge.

Now, welcome emails have their purpose.

You send a welcome email to make your new lead feel “appreciated and notable,” while with a confirmation email, you just give them “confirmation of their action.” That’s the difference.

Final Thoughts

Now, I hope you understand the type of email. These are the most common types of email that businesses use. Now, it’s your turn to use it.

Recommend Article: Learn the must-have 5 different elements of an email to get success in email marketing.

And If you’re not good at writing email or copy, why don’t you check out one of my products called One-click script. It has several email templates made based on the different scenarios business encounters.

You can use it to craft a friendly and professional email for your subscribers. Share this article with your fellow friends, and let me know your thoughts on this.

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